Movie with evil white ball devours this guy’s arm, out comes two women wearing cobwebs as robes

So this movie has been really difficult to figure out for me, I THINK I found it once like five years ago, but I’ve been through several laptops and never backed it up (I don’t think I even bookmarked the page anyway)! I never saw the entire movie, I actually walked in on my mom watching it in the middle of the night when I was a kid. Think it might have been around 2002 if I’m remembering correctly, since we lived in a lot of different apartments and I think both this movie and seeing the MJ Blanket incident on the news happened in the same apartment. Rough estimate.

Anyway I saw presumably the beginning of the movie. It took place in a pretty old time iirc, maybe in Italy just going off of the architecture and clothing the man was wearing and I think he might have been in some kind of really old-looking art studio. He opened this old box and pulled out this big ball, kind of like a crystal ball but completely opaque white (or maybe kind of marbled). Something happened with the ball and it kind of…swallowed his arm? And started changing shape a bit when it did. I don’t remember what happened before that moment or what happened immediately after, but he died (or maybe his friend, I think he had a friend) and these two women emerged from the ball or were awakened BY the ball, and they were covered in these really thin, see-through cloaks that looked like they were made of cobwebs. I think one of them was blonde, and then they left the ”studio” and started walking down the street, still only wearing the robes.

Anyway I think it was turned off and I was put back to bed. I think it might have been on the Sci Fi channel and they have SO MANY original movies that I can’t find this specific one, if it even was a Sci Fi original.

Any help is appreciated!

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