Movie with bad cops

Hi, good evening and sorry for my bad english, i’m italian!
About the movie unfortunately I only remember a very short scene of this film, it is an American film of at least 15/20 years ago, the genre was probably detective, I remember that there was a “good” young agent who was trying to shed light on some murders or criminal events , and finding himself outside a house at night, talking to another police officer, asking him what had happened regarding a criminal event asking him some details, the agent distracting himself from another talking dialogue with another colleague, torn ‘agent good , said that there had been “4 (I don’t remember the number)” people involved in the event, betraying themselves and letting the good cop understand that the other agent knew something and was involved in something shady along with other cops. Unfortunately I only remember this. It isn’t Cop Land, Heat etc…Thanks a lot!!

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