movie with a strange murder of a catlike woman?

I have a weird memory of seeing a movie about 15 years ago (so around the early 2000s), visually it looked like it was made in the 80’s or 90’s, and I saw it on TV.

All I remember is one particular scene. There’s a woman, and she’s quite catlike – in fact I think all the people in this scene are sort of semi-feline – and I remember that she’s being restrained by a man who I think was her brother, and he’s tying a rope around her neck and she’s clawing at him and hissing, and he says something like “remember how the master (or maybe our father? unsure!) used to beat me, but he never touched your fair skin” and then he shoves her off the wall or whatever it is they’re standing on, hanging her. That is literally all I remember and it is driving me mad! Any help much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “movie with a strange murder of a catlike woman?

  1. Sounds like the Island Of Dr. Moreau. There were two versions, one from 1977 and one from 1996 I think.

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