Movie with a morning glory – help me remember the title!

The movie is: English, coloured, should be from the period 1990 to 2005

Overall synopsis: A guy stranded on a farm gets hitched to a farm girl on that farm (she seduces him), but then sees a gypsy looking woman and starts to fantasise about her and the relationships start falling apart. Don’t remember the end, but remember that it was in a medieval village setting.

Scene 1 – The guy wakes up in an attic in a barn and the farm girl comes in through a small door. He has a ‘morning glory’ and on seeing her immediately tries to hide the erection. She says, “don’t worry, I’ve got brothers” and then undresses and mounts him to have loud sex. This is how they get hooked up

Scene 2 – Later they are in bed and making love, but the guy can’t stop thinking about the gypsy girl he say somewhere in the farm and calls his girlfriend by her name during sex. After they finish, she says “btw my name is not xxx” and clearly is angry.

Those are the two scenes I remember. Can you help me find the movie? Thanks

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