Movie with a church and a man with gun


I only remember this scene: there is a big christian church with at least two clerics, common people at their seats (?), and I think there is some weaponed man/men inside whose presence obviously interrupted whatever religious session they were having there. And then, another adult man slowly enters the church with a pistol, and says something. Then one priest, who was already upset, tells him something like: this is god’s house, and you are not welcome!

And after a short dialogue, the man shoots to the priest’s hand, who says “ouch!” and quickly shakes his hand.


● the scene is kinda calm, probably without background music

● the man is white, tall and probably has short hair

● the priest is white, old, has a zucchetto cap, could be a bishop

● the genre of the movie is probably action or thriller, not comedy or romantic

● this movie is either from the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s (before 2006)


Thank you!

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