Movie where side/Girlfriend cheat

  1. Hello i remember stuff from the movie but not the actual name hence why im here.I dont remember when i Saw it.

    Did not recognize any actors or actresses

    English Language but uk English so London or something

    Saw it on my phone its a movie, it is Collored and not an old movie.

    so what i remember is this wife/Girlfriend i dont quite remember her husband/blyfriend comes home she tries to have sex with him but he goes straight back to work.

    She visists her friend and They talk for a bit but then a knock on for is heard and she gets kicked out. She then Spies through the Window and masturbates to her friend having sex.

    she starts modelling but not for a Company just a guy she Met, It then progress to Them having sex and she bringes him home but her husbsnd/boyfriend is there she hides him and then the husband/boyfriend goes for a shower she is right outside in the bedroom the guy then comes in and They start having sex while her husband/boyfriend is right on the other side of the for taking a shower.

    her boyfriend/husband starts prioritising their releasinship more so she brakes it off with the guy/photographer but then he gets her to do one last “shoot” where she is getting forced to have sex with 2-3 guys while he is taking pictures.

    That is all i remember

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