Movie where girls get kidnapped

I remember watching a movie years ago but I only remember scattered parts

:little girl gets kiddnapped and put into sex trafficking, an old guy is on top of her and when he leaves she’s all drugged pit but she calls her mom from his cell phone and the mom pulls over the road and the guy come back and finds the phone because the mom is yelling through it and he hits the little girl..

another part: the little girl is in a basement with a little Chinese girl and the Chinese girl ends up dying

another part: a cop goes inside a truck where a bunch of girls are kept and he picks one and forcefully has sex with her

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  1. from:

    “The girls are loaded into two trucks which drive off through the Mexican mesas. The trucks stop at a police checkpoint, and the officers there take ‘bribes’ in the form of sex with girls of their choosing.”

    “At the poolhouse/child brothel in the Philippines, Tommy argues over the phone with a contact about delays in shipping the child slaves, Annie sits in the room, dizzily drawing a sketch on paper, as a half-full glass of milk and an open bottle of pills sits on the table in front of her.

    Tommy carelessly throws down the phone on the bed and leaves the room. He goes out on the pool deck to deal with a client who wants an older woman, feeling that the children are too young for his tastes. Annie glances out after Tommy, grabs up Tommy’s phone and places a call to her mother’s cell phone.

    Ellen is driving Samantha to the airport when Annie’s call comes through. Ellen hits the brakes and tries to guide Samantha into asking Annie questions that might lead to her whereabouts. Unfortunately, Annie is only half in control of herself due to the pills she’d been forced to take, and she only knows she’s somewhere in Manila. Glancing over her shoulder, Annie sees that Tommy is returning to the room, and she stuffs the phone under the blanket so hastily that she forgets to close it back up.

    Tommy puts a hand on Annie’s shoulder, asking in a lecherous tone for her to show him what she’s been drawing. Samantha overhears because the phone call is still connected. The lewd tone of Tommy’s voice pushes Samantha over the edge, and she pours out all her bottled-up rage, screaming viciously into her phone at Tommy that she’s going to kill him. Tommy hears and finds the phone under the blanket, clicking it off abruptly. Only now, Samantha realizes the horrible mistake she’s made, revealing to Annie’s captor that Annie had sneaked in the phone call while his back was turned, and now he was going to punish Annie severely for this. Ellen tries to comfort a sobbing Samantha, telling her that now they know for certain that Annie is alive.”

    “In Manila, Tommy and Rico come into the makeshift cell and check on the Filipino girl. Annie tells them she’s sure the child has the flu. Rico examines the child and determines that it’s much worse than influenza; the girl is afflicted with bacterial meningitis, which is often fatal, and contagious. Annie begs the two men to take the girl to a hospital. Tommy appears to relent, and Rico carries the girl out of the cell. But when Annie climbs up to peer out of the air vent, she sees Tommy kill the child. Annie cries in fear and horror as she looks on.”

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