Movie Where a Little Girl Finds the Devil in Her Room

I believe this film was either foreign (most likely), or possibly silent (less likely). I remember three scenes:

A little girl wakes up or sits up in her bed. In the corner of her well-lit room, sits a man in a suit and hat on a small stool. His legs are crossed such that one of his ankles rests on the knee of the other leg. His elbow rests on his leg as he holds open a child’s book in one hand, reading it. This man is the devil.

Another scene involved a vision of the Virgin Mary walking slowly past her bedroom windows, lit with a beautiful,  bright light.

The last scene I remember involved the little girl finding the man/angel that is Satan weeping in a curled position on her basement floor, with feathers all around him. He has lost his wings, or removed them himself.

I feel like the little girl befriended the devil in this plot, and that he was a sympathetic character. I watched this about 7 or 8 years ago (as of 2014) and I think it was on some cable/satellite movie channel. It was in color. I really enjoyed it but can’t remember who I watched it with or what it was called! Help!

3 thoughts on “Movie Where a Little Girl Finds the Devil in Her Room

    1. Thank you for the suggestion about “Angela”. However, as I have looked into “Angela”, I get the feeling that it isn’t the one. I won’t know, unfortunately, until I get a chance to see “Angela”. I don’t think the mystery movie featured two sisters, though it may have. And I really get the feeling that it wasn’t in English. Thank you again, and I will watch “Angela” as soon as I am presented with a chance to do so.

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