movie watched around 2000, murders


I remember two scenes clearly from this movie but can not remember its name.

First scene (which I think was the opening scenes but not sure) is of a couple having sex inside a train’s cabin. The train goes into a tunnel and everything gets dark, when it gets out.. the camera focuses on the woman that is still being kissed and touched as nothing has happened but she looks into the bed in the other side of the cabin and finds her “lover” killed, she then looks to the man on top of her that is in an all black costume and face hidden. The camera moves to a position above the two of them, the man raises his hand (which is actually a hook) and kills her.

The second scene is an old lady (Im not sure actually if she is that old btw) being transported by an aerial lift similar to those found around places for skiing. Suddenly, the direction of the movement changes and is possible to see some dark figure with a hook hand waiting for her back at the station. The next scene her disfigured body is shown in one of the seats of the aerial lift.


Again, I watched this movie around the year 2000.


Hope u guys can help me finding it!!

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