movie was out in 2011

the movie revolves around a stay at home wife that was married to an abusive alcoholic husband who she kills about half way through during (I think) a dinner where they were all sitting at the table eating baked beans and her husband was drinking a beer (this was a scene in the movie however im not sure if this was when he died). they had two kids: a boy and a girl both somewhere in their teens. the wife takes both her kids and moves down to georgia with a southern woman she met prior to the death of her husband (she also had fantasies of being intimate with her too). the police never come for her for the murder but then again no one ever knew because they lived in a small town. the movie isn’t exactly drama but it has comedic elements for a movie that seemed very indie. it wasn’t very known back then aka I’ve never seen any previews on tv about it but I watched it on a tv channel (something like fuse but it wasn’t fuse) and it was 2 in the morning.

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