Movie trailer about a girl and man walking through a bizarre looking town

hello all I remember seeing a movie trailer a couple of years ago or so and was trying to remember the title.

All I remember is that it was like a girl and a guy walking through what appeared to be a very strange/bizarre old Russian village or town. As they are walking about the town the residents look strange, I believe there was some kids on a see saw, a man asleep or passed on a wheelbarrow or pile of hay, a lady throwing out a bucket of water.

For some reason I keep thinking the title had something to do with “starfish” or “flying starfish” or something like that and I believe it was a Russian film although not 100% sure of that.

The couple themselves were a young woman and from what I remember an older man. And I wanna say they were walking through the town carrying some weapons but again don’t remember for sure.


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