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i am looking for the name of an old movie ( ’70s ) where a hospital performs human experiments with animals. i remember a scene where the main character wakes up next another bed and hears crying. when the man removes the bedcover he sees a body of a pig with a human head. Does anybody knows the name of this movie ? Greetings Marc

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    1. Hello irtm admin, this is indeed the movie that i was searching. Thank U and this can be called SOLVED. Again thank you so much greetings Marc. The movie looks even exiting then i remembered.

    1. Hello Cotopaxi, the movie was ” O lucky Man ” with many thanks to irtm admin but i also took a look at your link this also looks like a good movie and is indeed with Malcolm McDowell. Anyway thank you for your post. Greetings Marc

  1. You’re welcome Marc. I wrote an essay on O Lucky Man for my other site, 366 Weird Movies. Britannia Hospital is a sort of unofficial sequel and the third in a series. If… (1968) is the other movie in Lindsay Anderson/Malcolm McDowell’s “Mick Travis” trilogy.

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