Movie that was on tv and always turned it on half way through

My wife and I are trying to figure out a old move that she always turn on channel surfing and never seen from the beginning . Here is what e have been able to put together….

My wife seems to think that she watched it while she was still in high school so it would of been on t.v. late 80’s early 90’s. From the scenes that she has been able to explain is sounds like the typical 80’s coming of age movie,  possibly  set  in a earlier time frame like the 50-60’s . Here are a couple of plot memory’s that will hopefully shed some light on this movie and put this agony to rest.

In the beginning….young female charter is maybe in high school or just graduated, and come from a upper class family.  The charter is a aspiring singer/ performer that has very conservative and classical  style  ( my wife isn’t sure if it a opera style voice,  or Broadway musical but something viewed as classical ) after a early performance the family goes to a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant or country club.   While at the dinner the female charter meet some other kids that are more rebellious and or from  a different social class.  Throughout the movie the main young female has a awaking and coming of age, and the usual teenage angst that insure within the family dynamic.

The last thing my wife remembers is toward the end of the movie or possibly the last scene

The Young main charter is showing one of her friends this new type of hip music… (my wife is fairly certain it is Bob Dylan ) that is cool and embody’s the voice of a generation

I know it not much to go on but anyone that can help, this will solve a nagging problem that has occupied hours of looking up films that Dylan songs were used in, and there seems not to be a end to this list.



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  1. According to the 3rd user review on, the song is Like a Rolling Stone. Here is the last part of the plot summary from Wikipedia describing the scene at the end:

    “As a consequence, Del is grounded in his room. Gail comes by to play a new kind of music – rock music. She wears a leather headband, mini-skirt and high top suede boots, and Del is stunned by her new appearance as they listen to Bob Dylan.”

    1. This is it!!!!!!!

      Thank you! Finally solved this movie has bug my wife for years and therefore it got under my skin as well.

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