Movie short from 80s?

This was a movie short at the pictures before a main feature in the late 70s or early 80s I think?

A guys head in a shoe box. He has a beard. He Kept saying dont put the lid back on everytime the box was opened. A Confused man found the box in the garage on a sunny day. Everytime he took lid off the shoe box the man’s head in the box kept saying dont put the lid back on. The finder finally loses it and The final scene was the frustrated finder now spooked and scared throwing the box from a bridge to a garabage truck. Final shot is lid came off the box. The exposed head in the Box is in a big pile of garbage screaming for help. Camera zooms back and small shoe box with head in it blends in to the massive pile of garbage with mans head screaming, I have been trying to find out what this is for over twenty years,

Good luck guys,  and thank you in advance

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  1. My best guess…. “Chico the Rainmaker”(1974) aka “The Boy With Two Heads”

    From Wikipedia:
    ‘Chico the Rainmaker was a British film serial made by Eyeline Films and the Children’s Film Foundation. It was shown in 1974 on PBS in the USA, and shown in British cinemas in the 1970s and 1980s as part of their “Saturday Matinees”. The series featured a talking shrunken head.’
    Someone on IMDB also said this about it: ‘In the show, a couple of kids had befriended a talking head that they kept in a shoebox. The head looked like the decapitation of “El Jefe” from The Three Amigos.’
    You can watch a bit here:

  2. Holy Crap! YES, this is it, Damn Sandnc you are a Star, its been over 30 odd years ive been reading about it and it seems to of messed up a lot of people like myself in the 80s, it has such a dark tone, the head is still quite freaky now,

    Big thanks 🙂

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