Movie Scene with 20 or more Doberman Dogs held 4 dogs per person

Hey Guys, Im trying to remember a movie from a scene i remember (maybe from a james bond movie).

The scene went like this:

A man comes to a big estate/Mansion house where there are 4 Doberman pinscher dogs held by one person. When he is welcomed inside, there are two lady’s and then later come another 20 or 25 Black Dobermans.

Please let me know if you can remember, its the only movie i can recall with 20 or 30 Dobermans. I think it was a bond movie but i couldn’t find anything.

5 thoughts on “Movie Scene with 20 or more Doberman Dogs held 4 dogs per person

    1. This isn’t the movie. Drax only had 2 dobermans. The scene I’m talking about had 20 dobermans or more.

  1. Nick, I noticed you tried to post this one again (but with less information). I suggest you wait until it falls off the first page before trying to make another post.

  2. Glad you found it and thanks for letting us know Nick!

    P.S. I saw ARMOR OF GOD way back when it first came out on VHS, but I remember nothing about it except the outtakes that play during the closing credits.

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