Movie scene that distubered me as kid

I was about 6 or 7, so it was about 2001/2002. i was at my aunts making cookies when my dad came to pick me up but we werent quite finished so he started flipping through channels and stopped on this one movie or show or something mid scene and guess decided to watch it for a moment cause he acted like this was something hes seen before. In my memory it was a naked women or at least a women wearing skin tight clothing and it was dark and it looked like it was an attic or something and she was on the floor screaming with her knees to her chest and she was kicking herself in a circle continuing to scream while i think two guys where fighting over a gun and shooting and the screaming women gets shot and killed. I turned away after cause it scared me, it was a scene that happened very fast and i was too scared to look at the tv after that, that whole scene disturbed me for a long time. The movie looked a bit older, like maybe 80s or 90s from what i could remember as a kid

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