movie or tv show episode about a teenager making a girl out of meat.

I remember this animation movie or TV show episode about a teenage boy who wanted a girlfriend but no one would give him the time of day. So he decided to make a girlfriend himself. He made a girl out of meat (burger meat I think) and the DNA of other girls ( strand of hair, nails and bodily fluids). He added his own tears. After he added a potion of some sort. Then out pops a girl from a pot. The girl is perfect except for the fact that she has no skin, she literally had a meat exterior. The boy was embarrassed and he tried to get away from her. They spent some time together and after some things happen he accepts her and admits that he likes her as she is. I found it to be a really weird movie. I think it was made in America and it was a comedy.

6 thoughts on “movie or tv show episode about a teenager making a girl out of meat.

  1. Thanks GG i know my shit. I just wish people would actually come back and confirm stuff, id have about 4 more solves in the bank.

  2. strangely enough, I know of another show where this happened – Lucy Daughter of the Devil. Mr. Meaty is a better match though surely.

    LOL I’ve got exactly 109 unconfirmed guesses — a little more than half I’m sure was the correct movie but they never came back. 🙁

    Since we all have unconfirmed solves, I don’t think it changes the ranking that much. I do wish I knew the real numbers all the same.

    Keep up the good work everybody!

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