Movie name please

It starts by saying that the father of the  main character is dead. So son and his wife take a plane to their home for fathers funeral. Son finds out that he has a stepsister and some amount of money is deposited in her name. So he sets out to meet her. She works in a bar (don’t remember if she is a stripper) and has a son who always cause problems. He then befriends the his nephew and then get close to his stepsister. He tells them the truth. His stepsister tries to drive him away, but they become a family again. Please help me with the name of the movie.

  • The father is kind of a musician, guitarist or someone.
  • The son of the stepsister tries to destry the swimming pool in some way ( don’t remember how). He gets caught and the mother is called.
  • The main character goes to dine with his stepsister in a hotel and she tells him she used to hook up so much back in the days that she didn’t know whose kid her son is.
  • In the end they shift to a new home and the stepbrother finds them and they become a family again.

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