Movie like The Signal

I believe I saw this movie with a friend on Netflix from 2009 to 2011, since Xbox still had Netflix parties. I can’t remember when the movie itself came out, but I know it’s not a good one. It’s just been bothering me and my friend for so long.

What I can remember about the movie:

It has something to do with radio waves/signals that were supposed to control people. It makes people bleed out of their ears and eyes, which causes them to become like mindless zombies or something.

A scene my friend describes to me leads me to why I want to figure out the movie, since it became a joke that we laugh at all the time.

A man pulls up in a truck or something and has a dog. He goes to investigate a barn or something and the dog takes off, never to be seen again. I think he finds either dead bodies in the barn, or some crazy lady that decides to run into a wall til she dies.

For some reason Red keeps coming to mind when thinking of the title, but I don’t know if the movie title has red in it or not. I know I’m not very descriptive, which is why I most likely can’t find anything. I know I was just browsing movies after seeing the horrible movie Platoon of the Dead.

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