movie like 17 again but different

so i saw this movie between 1999 and 2004 i believe.. and it has the same thing is 17 again and sort of like freaky friday but its about this girl and her single mother and they move back to the mothers home town i think. and the girl is either a freshmen in high school or shes in about 8th grade. shes starting at a new school and she likes this boy who i swear is zac efron but this movie isnt in his filmography. and he calls her snufulufagus because she has a snuffy pen. and her grandmother gave her mother a picture cd of old ppictures from when she was young and there’s a storm and lightening hits her house while shes looking at it and then everytime she puts that cd in the computer shes the same age as her daughter. she becomes friends with her daughter and the daughter is trying out for a musialc and the song she sings has the words “i give you honey and you give me wax”. the friend(mother) is trying to help the girl and then the music teacher wants the daughters friend(mother) to have the part the girl wanted and i dont remember much more of it but they get arrested at the end for something..

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