movie involving teen pregancy??

not Juno!!

ok, i remember some good detail about this movie, so hopefully it wont be too hard to figure out.

i remember seeing this on tv around 2006 so the movie is probably much older than that. all i remember from the movie is a boy and a girl in their teens preparing to have sex for the first time. theres an awkward occurrence where they both take their clothes off and stare at each other like they dont know what to do until one of them says something along the lines of “touching it” or something really weird like that, so they walk up to each other and that scene ends with a close up on their faces with their chins resting upon the opposites shoulder.. so then they have sex (they obviously didnt show that) and theres this scene after that where the girl is sitting in the kitchen with her mother and some other ladies. she tells her mom that she had sex and they all are asking questions asking if they used a condom and stuff like that. well, they found out she’s pregnant.

on the boy’s side, his mother is dating this Native American man (im pretty sure), and then something happens between them and theres this scene where the boy is home and something is thrown into the house through the window. the boy looks out to see it’s his mother’s ex boyfriend. the man says something about the boy’s mother being a whore before riding off on his motorcycle.

i cant remember too much about the film, but i think it ends where the boy and the girl are cuddling in bed, and she is visibly pregnant. his mother and her boyfriend end up getting back together and all is well. im pretty sure thats where it ends, but im not too sure. i feel like thats enough detail to figure it out, however. my googling skills are very subpar. i appreciate the help to come.

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