Movie im trying to find bugging me for years

Ok so I am trying to figure out what this movie is called I first seen it in early 2000s when I was young maybe 8 or 9. I remember it very vaguely so I apologize but the main character was a dude young teenager maybe older but he was driving white car setting looks like it’s a wide road not much traffic somewhere like texas(maybe) but the main character is being chased by a bad guy in a car I want to say the bad guy seemed like he was a cop but I’m not sure on that and then I remembered the main character going through with his car through a portal and ends up in different dimension where there is different creatures and it looks white and he is still trying to get away from the bad guy that was chasing him.. I remember the ending too when he gets away from the bad guy at the end and finds a way back to our regular world he’s in his white car getting chased by the bad guy but the car isn’t fast enough so the guy driving it presses this button on the car which he didn’t know much about and the car started flyin helping him get away from the bad guy I want to say that at the end end scene when the car flies the main character the guy has a girl with him which I think he found in that other place the portal took him to but I’m not sure on that.. Any help or ideas would be appreciated movie looked like it could be a 90s sci fi/fantasy or even late 80s maybe could even be considered a horror movie I’m not entirely sure.. Pls help been trying to figure this out for years now

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      1. Thank you for responding to Livinghead’s thanks to jim0417 for responding. Another solve for Mr. Head!

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