Movie I watched in the early 2000s

Don’t really know any of the actors in this movie at all so I hope I’m describing it right. It was a movie about this man and woman and he fell in love with her, I think she was a pianist and he was like this middle-aged man. After a while his wife finds out about his affair with this pianist and goes to confront her. I remember the confrontation scene. She was playing the piano on stage and then the woman walks up to her with a picture of their 9 year old daughter. The two then plot for revenge or messing around with the man and they grow into kidna friends. There is a specific scene I remember where the two women were sitting in the car with the little daughter and they had her bring her darth Vader mask I think or some star wars mask that auto tuned your voice, and then they like prank called the guy and talked using that mask and both women were laughing. There was also a scene where the wife brought the zoo into the house just to annoy the husband.

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