Movie I saw in either school or summer bible school

I saw this movie a long time ago during either elementary or middle school. I believe it was made sometime in the 90s. It is American based. About a boy and his dog who (somehow) end up in the back of a truck that is carrying a lot of fake money down a desert highway. He uses the money to leave a trail for authorities (writes on it), but bad guys see what he is doing. They decide to leave him stranded in desert. He eventually finds a cave but is bitten by rattlesnake. Makes campfire and has dog take note and find help. Bad guys run into dog, tie him up and look for kid; find him.

Friends are looking for him and have police help. Find some of the fake money and start searching desert. Find dog, start calling his name.

Kid hears name being called but unable to respond. Throws fireworks (he somehow acquired) into fire, go off and is found. Movie ends with him in hospital with relieved family and friends surrounding him.

REALLY good movie! Would LOVE to see again so please help!!!


3 thoughts on “Movie I saw in either school or summer bible school

    1. Susan, I know it has been a little over four years since you posted this, but I couldn’t remember the name of this website and google kept sending me to “”. It was only recently that I remembered wanting to figure out this movies’ title.
      My frustration at not being able to find this movie can finally dissipate, thanks to you.
      Last Chance Detectives: Escape from Fire Lake is definitely the movie I have been searching for. Thank you so much!

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