Movie from ’80 or ’90, of a gang taking hostages in a clinic

hello, I’m looking for the movie is ’80s or’ 90s. I was very young but I remember I saw on TV, not if it was VHS. I only remember parts:

1. A band takes hostages in a clinic, remember that a woman had appointment with a doctor and one of the bandits posing as him.
2. There is a murderer in the band (if not the head), which is called the “yo-yo murderer” because he always played with a yo-yo.
3. At the end all die, but the murderer of yo-yo stores in the breast pocket of a hostage and shoot each other leaving the badly wounded murderer
4. When you enter the police, kill the hostage as it found the yo-yo, confuse it with the murderer.
5. Something funny, the real murderer is brought on a stretcher as a hero, but out on the street, do not open the ambulance and leave him alone to get the keys, then a car loses control and gets hit.

I do not remember if it was in English or another language

Thanks and sorry for my English, I help me with the translator.

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