Movie featuring an abandoned shack in the woods

I know this is a long shot but in the 90’s probably around ’98 my mom brought home a movie from the library that was so strange and I’ve been trying to remember what it was since then. All I really remember was that there was this old abandoned shack/house in the woods and these people, a couple I think, stumbled upon it. I also remember there being a woman with long black hair and there might have been something to do with pregnancy in the film. I remember the movie creeping me out and being weird in general. I think the couple that found the shack might have been being bothered by the mysterious woman with long black hair. The shack was white and gray and like one big open room with nothing in it. The shack had a very green wooded area all around it. There might have been something spiritual or haunting about the film but I don’t think it was a horror movie.

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