Movie: Comedy?

Hi, I remember watching this movie about 7 years ago but it’s name eludes me. Here is what I think I remember – hopefully I don’t mix it up with other movies

It’s a comedy

Two men – I’m like 80% sure they’re british, are sent on a mission (?) Something about a murder? I’m not sure on the details.

Anyway, they go abroad – can’t remember the destination but I do remember them arriving at a villa hotel during torrential rain.

They meet a woman who they both fall for, and spend a lot of the movie wooing her whilst trying to do solve the case – I remember a beach scene, a casino scene, and a romantic dinner.. and then woman turns out to be working for the bad guy – who is in a submarine

There is a car chase scene and the movie ends with the woman marrying both men

2 thoughts on “Movie: Comedy?

  1. Some of the plot sounds a lot like “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”; only the men are con artists and the ending is different. If you think you might be mixing up two different movies, this could be one of them.

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