Movie climbing on an art sculpture

There was a live action kids movie that came out in the mid 70s, circa 1976. The scene I remember is the Dad (and a couple of kids I think) climbing on this very large moving art sculpture outside of a museum trying to break in. The sculpture was just these thin poles with fins attached, and the fins swung around. It was the scene that was showed on all of the commercials. I always thought it starred Dick Van Dyke, but a search of the IMDB comes up empty. The scene was iconic enough that it was even parodied in a Simpsons episode. Any help?

One thought on “Movie climbing on an art sculpture

  1. Taking a stab in the dark that it might be Night at the Museum. Dick Van Dyke is in it and the new caretaker’s dad does let his son in the museum overnight. I never saw it all the way through so I don’t know about them climbing a sculpture, but why not? 😛

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