Movie about these two women from two different “worlds”

Well, from what I can remember, I saw this movie on tv and it was on HBO. It was no later than my junior year of high school which would be 2012. It was color, in English , and based on the quality, it was probably made in the late 90s and up. I began watching it when it was already past the halfway point and I remember that it was about this blonde lady who seems to be paranoid or something and nobody seems to believe her. The movie switches back and forth between this seemingly other world. The main focus of that world is a brunette women and the world seems to have this  to kind of grunge look. The scene I remember most is where the brunette keeps waking up with nosebleeds and doesn’t know why. So she puts a video camera on top of her tv and goes to sleep for the night. When she wakes up, she has another nose bleed and she watches the video. She fasts forwards and soon finds that a man seems to come from under her bed, knock her out (which is the cause of the nose bleeds) and seemingly rapes her. She then freaks out and starts running. I also remember that both girls are running somewhere and that they both find themselves going into the same house and then all I remember after that was that there was a dead body and I think one of them killed the guy.

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    1. Can’t be. The women in that movie is drugged. The one mentioned above was knocked unconscious and wakes with a nose bleed.

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