Movie about sex at office with devil lady

I saw this movie ~20 years ago on TV. This is a modern Hollywood-like movie that was made 1970-2000 for 16+.

The ~35 years old man has a family (wife at least). He works for some company in office. He has a friend. There is a young lady that works with him in the office. Every day they have sex.

The main idea that he does not want to have sex with her, but he can’t resist. Lady has some mysterious abilities that no man can resist. She just chosed him to has an everyday sex with him.

I remember the one sex scene. He sits at his workplace. The lady just comes in a skirt, lifts up her leg, shows him her genitals (they did not show the genitals for movie spectators). He can’t resist and they have sex in a couple of seconds at his workplace.

This man lies to his wife. And this man complains about this devil lady to his friend. But what can he do?

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