Movie about people trapped in a house by carnivorous plants

I saw this in the ‘90s on TV, it was definitely older but in color.

I might not remember correctly, but I believe it was a grandfather and daughter stuck in a house that was surrounded by plants that wanted to kill them. I remember being disturbed by the characters just going to sleep at night, seemingly with no concern when these plants were out there, but then nothing happens and when they wake up they’re still there.

I’ve looked up the different adaptations of “Day of the Triffids,” and don’t think it’s one of those but I could be wrong.

4 thoughts on “Movie about people trapped in a house by carnivorous plants

  1. Check out Dr. Terrors House of Horrors (1965) on YouTube. It had multiple stories. The second one is close to your description, but the man, who is oldish looking is the father, and there is a wife as well as a young daughter.

    1. I’ve seen that one, and it’s not it. This wasn’t an anthology, and it was a house out in a field I think. Thanks for the response though.

  2. I assume it’s one of the ones you already checked, but the 1981 BBC adaptation is a pretty close fit, both in content and timeframe. The young girl enters into the story in the later episodes.

    1. I’ve flipped through it, and I don’t think it’s it, but I’ll have to find time to watch the whole thing.

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