Movie about old man who thinks he is king of the forest

Rented this movie from blockbuster sometime between 2000 and 2007 probably. I’d say the quality of the film would suggest it was filmed around that time as well. The film also seemed like more of an independent film, not crazy famous or anything.

the name of this movie has been driving me nuts for a while now and google has been no help. What i remember is vague but maybe someone will recognize this.

the story centers around an old man, definitely looks 75+, who is in a mental facility sufferring from dementia or maybe schitzophrenia. I can remember scenes where he is drawing on the walls, or maybe it’s his roommate who’s drawing on the walls, and whoever it was shows the drawings to the nurses and the other lead characters.

the film revolves around the relationship of this old man and a younger man, i think his son, and i think the son also has a wife or a love interest who is in the film quite a bit.

i remember most about this film, the ending. The old man has this wild fantasy that he is the king of the forest or something out there like that, but no one believes him because of his dininished mental capacity. The end of the film shows this hut in the woods thats super cool and decorated with hanging things everywhere. The existence of the hut basically affirmed that some of the old man’s story was true.

i think it’s possible the old man may have also died at the end of the film and they dont actually show him in the hut, just that the hut exists.

the only thing google came up with was the fisher king. I really dont think this is the movie i am thinking of based on what I’ve read of that movie’s description. But hey! I’ve never seen it so maybe someone will tell me that’s the exact premise of that movie! Although pretty certain it is not because Robin Williams doesn’t look 75+ in that film (or ever).

thanks for the help! Any ideas would be appreciated!

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