Movie about model – murderer

Hi, guys

Can you help me, please, to find the movie that shows how fast the life of a young and beautiful teacher changed when she met a young and promising photographer. He took photo’s of her and a very big agency hired her immediately. Elly is so charming that every body falls in love with her. But… Elly does not like attention… All people who flirted with her, asked for sex suddenly started to die. Firstly, it looks like this photographer is obsessed with Elly and tries to get rid of concurents but at the end we find out that Elly is a mysterious killer her self.

The last scene of this movie shows to us Elly sitting at the table in a psychiatric hospital. She is talking to her doctor. She said that her father raped her when she was a little girl and that he is a horrible person. And when the doctor asks what she thinks about Photographer who really cared about her during her short career, she answered seriously that he is a very good man and that she loves him

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