Movie about lovers who reincarnate through time and always end up together

Does anybody remember which movie this is? I watched it about ten years ago, and it shows a woman who is on a relationship, but keeps seeing visions of a mysterious man, like a shadow, coming out of the sea. She cannot see his face, but is convinced that this is her soulmate whom she must find. For this reason, she temporarily breaks up with her boyfriend and starts looking for the mysterious man with the help of a psychic-reincarnation expert. The expert is a woman, and tells her to lie down, treating her some chocolate. Then the sleeping girl starts having visions of past lives, where we see various couples making love in various eras, their costumes make us understand approximately which era it is. For example, at some point we see some kind of soldier making love to a farm girl. Each time we see the sex scene in detail between the two lovers. The psychic explains that the women are the reincarnated self of  her, and that the mysterious man she sees is the reincarnation of all these men that she saw in her visions, so their souls are always the same and belong to each other, it’s only the body that differs through past lives. At some point, the blurred image of the mysterious man she sees coming from the sea becomes clear, and she is surprised to see that it’s her boyfriend. He tells her something that “hello my lost one”, and they are together again. So her boyfriend was her soulmate in the first place, her reincarnated lover. The poster also showed a shadow of a man coming out of water. Does it ring a bell to anybody? Thanks!

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  1. Your descriptions reminds me ever-so-slightly of “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.” I haven’t seen it in ages, and I was very young when I did see it, but I remember enough to know this suggestion is a reach.

  2. No guys, unfortunately not. It would have been easier if any well-known actors were in it, like the ones you mentioned, but they weren’t famous ones. It may be a TV movie as well, I don’t know, but the sure thing is that the imdb poster included the mysterious man coming like a shadow.

    1. Thank you for your reply but no, unfortunately. It wasn’t a comedy, but a romantic movie, quite erotic as we see sex scenes between the two of them in various eras. They are different people each time, but the souls are the same and always end up together. I think the title was something like “the …and then a word referring to the man.

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