movie about girl who plays an instrument, side stories of friends, bother and sister who run away together

I can’t get this movie scene out of my head but I have no idea what the movie is at all. Here is what i remember..

-I think the movie is about a group of friends.. i specifically remember a brother and sister (Possible twins) the father is either hitting the daughter or threatening to send her away? the brother decides the only way to protect her is to run away with her. they never tell their friends and they just end up disappearing for the rest of the movie. And i clearly remember an important part about them, they had these matching bracelets.

-I remember the very last scene is the main girl (brunette?) talking to her love interest back stage (she is dressed for a performance in a formal gown etc) I can’t remember what they are talking about.. and then she goes out on stage (its a outdoor stage like central park or something) and starts to play some sort of instrument? (cello violin? idk) and you can clearly see a ring on her finger (she is obviously now engaged to the love interest.

then in the crowd you see a man and w0men (it never shows their faces) but they are watching her from the crowd and they show them holding hands and on their hands are the matching bracelets! its obviously the brother and sister that ran away.


-it had to be after the 2000’s (i was born in 1990 and i was at least a teen when i saw this.

-i think i saw it playing on tv, but it was definitely a movie.

-it was in color

-it was in english


some one pleaseeeeee help me! this is driving me insane!

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