Movie, About cellular regeneration, Skeleton Face paint

I saw a movie trailer in around 2012 on youtube. I tried to search for it for years. It looked super interesting. I was browsing sidebar movie trailers in class. This is what I can tell you from it.

It seemed like it took place in the future.
There was a male protagonist.
There were scientists working on an experiment on rats.
I remember a scientist saying something like, “This is what is did on rats, imagine what it could do on humans”. There was ominous music, and it was filmed somberly, very dark.
The protagonist at one point was wearing with a skeleton mask, or he had painted his face as a skeleton.
At the end they were at a party, trying to solve something.
It might have been a British or American film, it was definitely in in English.

I cannot for the life of me, find the trailer again, or think of the name. If you guys have any idea, that would be awesome. It’s been like three years trying to find this movie.

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  1. I couldn’t remember the name either, Wanted to find it so bad, scrolled through so many web pages, stumbled on this one through google, just thought I’d close it up and say it’s this:

    Errors of the Human Body (2012).

    Finding it brought me so much joy. Reading the name aloud was a catharsis I cannot quite explain.

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