Movie about being in heaven before being born

I remember a movie about a family and the kids are in heaven waiting to be born at the end there is a storm and a baby is born. In the movie while the kids are in heaven the girls all wear dresses with leggings and if I remember correctly I think it might be a musical type movie.

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  1. Your description reminds me a of the Shirley Temple movie “Blue Bird.” Shirley and her brother go on an adventure to many places, including Heaven where they meet children waiting to be born. They meet their future baby sister there. There is a horrible storm in that movie, too, and the children barely survive. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, and I don’t remember the sister being born, but that part might have slipped my memory.

    1. I remember seeing a movie about kids in heaven looking down on earth before they became babies and went to earth. I watched it late one night while I was babysitting…so it was 1964-1968.

    1. I was searching to find the name of this movie also, it was not Blue Bird with Shirley Temple. I remember the movie in black and white, there was a boy and girl that didn’t want to be born because they liked being there with each other. I was born in 1961 and I watched it when I was about 7 maybe, around 1968.

      1. The girl and boy love each other and didn’t want to leave the other behind, I remember the girl went first. It was a elvator that took the kids to be born, a black and white movie. Please someone know what this movie name.

        1. I was searching for the name of this movie. I was born in 73 so must have seen it around 1979 or so and it has stayed with me.
          Any replies? Any idea of what it was called?
          I’m so pleased others remember it too as at times I have wondered if I dreamed it!

  2. In this movie…all the children in heaven are waiting for their turns to be born. When their names are called, they line up, board a sail boat & come to Earth. This boy & girl in waiting start a relationship. This is forbidden. So, of course the day comes when 1 has been called & must go to be born. Heart breaking. Next trip, she gets called to be born. Time passes & you see them together, meeting for the first time. Re-incarnation. Does anyone remember the name of this movie?

    1. The original poster was looking for “The Blue Bird.” No idea about the others. We suggested they start new posts to narrow down the choices, but no one took us up on the suggestion.

  3. I remember this movie as well. I was young saw it on tv in the early 80’s. I remember a white room that looked like a college classroom / auditorium with no chairs and the kids were sitting or standing waiting for their names to be called. In my young mind that was heaven and I remember a lady talking to one of the children. This movie was in colour.

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