Movie about aliens disguised as humans

The protagonist, a guy in his thirties, arrives in a town where something strange is happening. There are cases of missing people and people behaving strangely I believe. He notices something and starts to investigate. He meets this good looking lady who he usually talks to. Later on she falls in love with him but it’s revealed she was actually an alien. After finding that out the guy just runs for his life.

I watched this in the late 90’s on TV. That’s all I can remember.


20 thoughts on “Movie about aliens disguised as humans

    1. It’s not Night Slaves either. But the relationship between the alien woman and the guy was very similar, except for in the movie I’m talking about the guy freaked out at knowing her real identity.

  1. It’s not “They Live”.
    If it helps the style of the movie was similar to “Night Slaves”. So I’m guessing the movie has to be from the 70’s early 80’s or older probably.

    1. Wow, the scene with the woman was so similar. But it’s not The Invaders either. I remember the scene was a love confession. She said she loved him and then he ran away.

    1. I have been looking for the same movie as you for a long time; not only no one knows what movie it is, it is literally nowhere to be found on the internet..I can remember a scene where, after lunch hour at the park, he walks back to the office building and in the lift, for the first time, he sees these lizard-like beings in human it the same movie?

      1. Sorry, I really can’t remember anything else. It might be a different movie or it’s probably some part of the movie I didn’t watch. If your movie has that part where the lady falls in love with him and then it’s revealed she’s an alien then yes, it’s the same movie probably. Mostly because I remember that scene very well.

        1. I remember an old B&W movie kinda similar to this. The protagonist (male alien) looks human. Befriends a local woman who helps him. Later he reveals his identity when she sees his true form using special glasses, and she faints as a result because his appearance is so hideous. Reveals that he is looking for a fellow alien from his planet sent here to take over the earth in preparation for an alien invasion. The movie ends when its revealed that the woman companion is really the alien assassin. She kills him and walks away but apparently decides to spare the Earth. We never see what they actually look like. I’ve been trying to find the name for many years.

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