Movie about a man that goes mad and kills his family

Well, it was a movie I watched a time ago (2009-2012) that was about a man that takes his ex wife to a cabin . Later his ex wife´s husband arrives to stay and as time passes the man starts going mad.  There’s a part where the man is about to kill them but manages to control himself.  At the end, they go back to the town and as the man watches her ex leave (she was getting on a bus),  he says something like ” I wish it ended up like this”  and then it  flashbacked to the cabin and shows that the man really killed them.  After that, the man runs through the woods and just as he is getting out to the road he sees himself with his ex on a car going to the  cabin (part of the begining of the movie). The movie ends with him yelling trying to warn them not to go to the cabin.  I also remember a part where the man kills a dog/wolf while it was snowing and burries it.

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