Movie about a female CIA whistleblower and a male reporter

The movie came out a couple of years ago, not more than ten years. The movie starts of with the male reporter parking his car at a gas station and goes inside. When he comes back he is startled to find the female CIA agent in his back seat. They drive out to some desert/plains area where they stand and talk about secret stuff. The reporter tells a story about flowers that is somehow connected to his childhood i think.

In one scene the woman gets spooked because she sees a black truck parked. The male reporter goes over to inspect and does not find anyone inside the car. When they drive off you can see that black truck starting to follow them. Another scene is when they are being chased by the truck in a high speed car chase through a field which has these huge wind turbines. The CIA agent orders the reporter to throw out a flash drive she has given to him from the car. He fakes throwing it and throws a lighter instead. The duo is captured by the guys in the black truck. They are taken to some old abandoned building where the two men lead the reporter out into the fields. During this the female agent tries to escape from the back of the car, but is discovered by one of the other guys.

They lead her out into the field and she sees two graves and the dead reporter lying in one of them. The movie cuts to the two killers as they are driving. One of them is telling a story about a turtle. They separate and one of the guys gets spooked and goes back to the field. He finds out that the woman has survived and escaped. The movie ends with him flying of in a small plane, probably a Cessna. The movie is directed by two brothers i think.

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