Movie about a camera??

So I saw this movie many years ago and it’s a very distant memory. The movie was maybe from the 80’s to early 2000’s and it was in color. What I remember from it is two kids, a boy and a girl who have a camera. Whenever they take a picture, whatever’s on the photograph it actually happens in real life. I think the boy takes a picture of his teacher at school and the teacher comes out bald on the photograph, suddenly all the teacher’s hair starts falling out. Also a photograph is taken of the boy and he comes out very skinny in the photograph. He starts losing weight and he is afraid he will die from weight loss, so they try to get the negatives of the photos to see if they can reverse the effect of the pictures. That’s all I remember. Can someone help me?? I’ve been trying to find this movie for so long and I just can’t find it!!

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