Movie About a Boy With No Hands

I am trying to remember a movie I saw when I was younger and that really freaked me out…

What I remember:

-I think it may have been a comedy and it probably came out sometime during 1997-2002.

-It was about a boy that had one hand or no hands, just stumps. He tries to remember how his hands got cut off and there are two scenarios that I remember: one was that his mother was cutting vegetables and accidently cut his hand off and another scene was that his hand got caught in the part of the garbage truck where the garbage is crushed.

-Another part that I remember is the boy was on a swing and a girl is pushing him because I think he couldn’t. I think they also become romantically involved and he is happy because she accepted him even though he has no hand(s).

-Movie was in color, in English, and I am almost positive I saw it in the movie theatres.

Please help me remember what movie this is!!! Thanks!

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