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As much as I love and prefer James Bond movies; especially the ones with the recently late, great Sean Connery, God rest his soul ✞, I would like to know at which time interval of Mission Impossible: Fallout has a scene that was later spoofed in the DuckTales 2017 episode, “Louie’s Eleven!” where Manny shakes his hooves as if reloading them before charging at Graves; according to IMDb Connections References.

IF anyone amongst you is a big MI AND Tom Cruise fan, would you please kindly take the time to think and remember the exact time interval of that scene from that movie?

I, myself, don’t intend to watch any of the following MI sequels; given my family and I’s animosity of such movies with such an actor and how I was disappointed with the first one despite liking the infamous theme song though, no offense.

Thank you in advance and good luck.

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