Middle age movie with a strange monk

Hi guys,

Thanks for helping me. I’m french but french websites couldn’t find the movie i was looking for !

This is a middle age movie or maybe an episod from a Tv show. I saw it at tbe begining of the 2000’s on the TV.

I don’t remember the whole plot of the movie. I only remember a short period maybe situated at the end of the movie.

There is a monk or a priest (or smthg like that) who is going to a jail to visit a prisoner and he takes the place of the prisoner (who was condemned to death). The monk and the prisoner change their clothes. Then the monk let the prisoner go.

I don’t know if my memory is joking me but I may remember a love story between both and the monk die instead of the prisoner.

I might have recognized Derek Jacobi actoring the monk but I’m not sure if it is an episod of Cadfael Brother.

Thanks in advance !


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