methaphsical power

I think the movie was in 1980′. Becaus I was in college while I watched it in lobby of fancy reataurant in my hometown…so..I just watch a bit. A man, American, I think went to south america or the scence was situated in south america…, peru or somewhere else. He has lucid dream while he was sleeping in hotel room or a bedroom, while he was sleeping, his spirit/body got out and fly and he saw there was a string/rope (white color) connected his body and the spirit. Later (I think) he talked to the local people/indian/incan/…(the indian man dress in casual) he said to him (i think…not exactly words…) that when you die, the string/rope will lose from your body. Later he drove a car, and he lifted his both hands from the steer, but he can still control the steer.

It wasn’t a horror movie, it’s kind of drama movie….

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