Messed up kids movie that I can’t remember!

I remember a kids adventure/horror movie from the late 90’s-early 2000’s.  Live-action, possibly made-for-TV.  A bunch of kids are chased into a big old spooky mansion (boy, girl, indian boy) by some bully who goes in after them. They find some magical bottle with an Indian head carved into the lid.  They remove the lid, releasing some big demonic monster thing into the house.   The carved bottle lid suddenly starts talking to them, has these weird little legs that he walks around on.

One part I distinctively remember is that there’s some homeless guy squatting in one of the bathrooms.  When he opens the door, the monster is there.  When the kids pass by the bathroom, they peek inside and find the homeless guy dismembered with blood splattered everywhere.  The Indian kid runs off to throw up.  The girl is freaked out.

I also remember near the end, the Indian kid uses himself as bait, gets killed, but then somehow actually isn’t dead because of some magic bullshit or something, the demon gets put back in the bottle, the bully is now their friend, and they say bye to the Indian bottle guy.  S
Soooo… yeah.  Super weird.  Please help me remember what this was called.  My girlfriend and I both remember this but can’t remember the name.

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