Mental handicaped man, lonely, finds talent playing Jazz music


I would very much appreciate if someone could tell me how this film is called. Since 20 years I want to see it again but cant find out its name


The movie (in colour) must be older then 1980

A low budget movie. I had the German version since I’m in Switzerland

A lonely man with mental handicap is the main actor

He gives odd noises from himself

He was walking around in the city, at night, empty streets….

A black cat shows up that catches his attention

He notices a bar that is still open, bright light from the windows, he hears the jazz music playing inside

He enters the bar and stands still all at the entrance

He observes the people having fun and listening to a live jazz concert

He catches the rhythm and starts to move around and giving out sounds that match the beat oft the music

The jazz band notices his participation and invites him on stage

He gets the micro and gives out the monotone noise that is linked to his mental illness

The audience loves it and he receives loads of applause

From that moment I can’t recall the rest oft he movie but he seem to have found sense in life playing jazz and entertaining the audience

I think the film ended in that town, he has his own house, a wife and a kid playing in the garden

7 thoughts on “Mental handicaped man, lonely, finds talent playing Jazz music

    1. I have mixed up my thoughts about the film over the last 20 years but I think that’s the one Bad Boy Bubby. A big thank you to you Livinghead, much appreciated!!! Also thank you to all that make great contributions on this site. Its cool to have found the movie with helpful people like you!

  1. A mentally challenged man who becomes a singer in a band, I think, but I’ve not actually seen it.

  2. I wouldn’t have guessed “Bad Boy Bubby” because the “jazz” in the description threw me off (it’s a punk/rock band). Good guess Livinghead!

    1. True its pop music but its a good example how over the years the brain starts to forget the story and we mix up the content with other stuff we seen. I couldn’t recall the main story apart those few moments mentioned ( and also those bits are partially wrong in my mind)…. Thanks all, its an unpleasant plot but good film!

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