Medium alien suction cup leggy thing eats people in a vent

So it starts out kinda simple, and it was a colored movie, about this boy who keeps telling his ma there’s a monster under his bed, but hey, she checks it out, and there isnt anything, so she leaves him to sleep. And guess what, there is somethin there, this little alien kinda suction cup foot thing, the was kinda small, and it pulled this kid under the bed cause the kid was hangin on his blanket for dear life, so the alien dragged him under his bed and into the vent where im assuming he was eaten

And another part I remember is an adult stickin their head into a vent opening, and seeing the alien thing move around a little, but it was like, a silhouette of the thing cause there was a light behind it or somethin

And another part I remember is the alien was on the back of a door or whatever

I want to find that movie again but i have absolutely no clue where to start. I could have sworn it was from the 1980’s, idk

2 thoughts on “Medium alien suction cup leggy thing eats people in a vent

  1. I THINK that reminds me somewhat of “mac and me” kids movie that creeped me out even though it was supposed to be cute…

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