Medieval movie Lady in white gown and hat gets down from wagon which breaks down while riding through forest and makes love with

… poor looking man who was probably riding the chariot/wagon

Hi, this scene I’d seen on a youtube clip 2-3 years back and it stayed with me but I can’t go back to it now as I’ve forgotten what movie it’s from.

There is a wagon going through the forest and there’s two women in it I think — one is the highly princess like lady in white clothes and a hat and one is probably her maid accompanying her. The wagon breaks down in the forest or is probably purposely broken down by this man who is probably driving the chariot/wagon. The lady in white then gets down from the vehicle and the man and her walk to a nearby tree where they kiss and make love and I remember the man feeling her clothed breasts. She’s wearing lady like white clothes and the man seems poor and probably of a lower class.

It’s a medieval/period film somewhere in old England/Europe somewhere. I vaguely remember it’s a movie about one of old Don Juan-Casanova womanizer characters. Answers are really appreciated. I want to watch that scene again! Please

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