Medieval movie,

Hey guys,

So there was this medieval movie, I think it was about a young woman living in the 18th century. There was this man with that typical  white wig of that time who one day entered her room and touched her inappropriately and then probably raped her. Then the following day when they were having breakfast he licked his tongue in an appropriate way and she felt really uncomfortable. I think she talked about with her aunt, I think and she told her that woman have to please man or something and then that young woman was willing to spend the night with that man. There was also a scene with that man and her aunt, atleast I think she was her aunt, and they were in a room together. He said: ‘ I am hungry’. He came closer to her and tried to kiss her but she replied: ‘Go and get something to eat then.’

But because of the aunt that young woman agreed to make love with that man. And he thanked her by kissing her hand the other day while they were attending a sort of party.


I hope someone here will help me.

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